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Doing Some Tech Stuff

In its endeavour to provide a national platform for the youth to showcase their technical skills; displaying cutting-edge technology and broadcast the supernova of technological grandeurs, Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra is conducting its Annual Technical Fest- Pantheon! The much awaited technical extravaganza is on the horizon, but this time it will be much bigger and better! This October 13-15th , Ranchi will be lifted off its feet when technical geniuses boost out their skills in mind boggling competitions.

The fest aims to allow the students to explore their engineer within themselves by giving them a chance to participate in numerous comprehensive events and competitions. Various Technical events are organised, which are based on engineering streams like Robotics, Coding, Electronics, Mechanics, Construction and Manufacturing, which will be helping the budding engineers to prove their mettle and emerge victorious. Apart from their technical competitions, various fun-filled activities will also be conducted which include gaming events, hardware presentations, quizzes, debates and workshops which will be a delightful treat and shall also provide a intellectual platform.

Doing Some Tech Stuff

Doing Some Tech Stuff

Informative guest lecturers, from eminent personalities will also be organized to help students formulate a view about how to shape their career and progress in their lives. The cultural nights which include Dance, Drama, Music and Fugiya night will serve as a medium for the students to relax and rejuvenate after a highly competitive day, and will also help them to showcase their cultural expertise. With a myriad of brainstorming events to keep you occupied, it's time to explore the Engineer within you and Shine away with Science !


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A year spent in artificial intelligence is enough to make one believe in God.
- Alan Perlis

From time immemorial, Artificial Intelligence has always been a subject of interest for everyone. From scientists to movie directors, everyone has been fascinated by the idea of machines learning and implementing things by themselves. From the good and helpful Jarvis of 'Iron Man' to evil and destrictive Ultron from 'The Avengers', movies have depicted the benefits and harms of this phenomenon very well. In a world that is rapidly advancing and expanding its horizons, Artificial Intelligence is surely something which can solve a lot of problems.

If machines can learn on their own, a lot of effort and energy can be saved. But at the same time, a machine learning on its own can have dangerous implications. An example of these dangerous implications was witnessed when a chatbot developed by Facebook started developing its own language. Artificial Intelligence is a powerful idea which has immense potential but at the same time there has to be something to keep its power under check. If some restriction and control can be imposed, Artificial intelligence will surely be something which will make our future a lot better.

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Social Cause

" Broken Hearts
Broken Souls
Lost desires
Withered hopes "

These four phrases describe our generation in the most adroit and dexterous manner possible. Happiness is losing its sheen and sorrow is becoming the new cool. With people posting status updates full of grief and despair, the true meaning of sorrow is getting lost in the process of Social Media gloating. Although this pompous show of sadness does help in gaining popularity, it has a detrimental effect on the people who are actually sad, people who are struggling with the modern epidemic called Depression. While the value of Depression is being nullified by our generation, the older generation attaches a lot of negative value to it. For them, there is a taboo attached to Depression and it is considered as something horrendous and shaming by them. With everyone around them either belittling or bombasting this medicinal disease, people suffering from depression often find themselves alone. And depression thrives on loneliness. It grows slyly and due to the fear of social acceptance, people tend to stay quiet. While we kill most of the diseases by killing their source of energy, we end up giving Depression what it needs by leaving the sufferer lonely and abandoned. Well, we at Pantheon, BIT Mesra believe that this needs to change. We believe that Depression should be treated like every other disease. We believe in talking about it, freely and shamelessly. We believe that a small step can make a big difference if your intentions are right. And most importantly, we believe in the power of humanity and compassion. That's why, the social cause of Pantheon this time around is 'Depression'. This is Pantheon 2017 and it is bigger, bolder and better than before.


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